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Trip to Australia

last updated 10/31/03

In April 2000, the spring after Emlyn died, Geneva's parents were on sabbatical in Perth, Western Australia. At their invitation, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see a bit of a part of the world we're not likely to get to very often.

We flew via London and Singapore, taking about 30 hours to do it. Corwin was a real trooper for the entire trip, but especially for the long airplane ride. We arrived to find a very different continent from our own, and we were ably guided around this little piece of it by Judy and Eldridge, who had already done a bit of exploring themselves. They were able to tell us a great deal about the unusual flora and fauna (and the flora were just as unusual as the more famous fauna). It was only a very small part of a continent as large as the continental United States, and we hope to go back and see more of it. Sometime.

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